{ "title":"ADDR", "related":["/protocol","/protocol/network/messages/getaddr"] }

Response: Addr (“addr”)

Provide information about other prospective P2P protocol peers. Peers SHOULD not send this message unsolicited, and nodes that receive an unsolicited ADDR message MUST ignore it. This behavior helps prevent eclipse and partitioning attacks by not allowing an attacker to aggressively seed peer connection tables with its own nodes.

Message Format

Field Length Format Description
vector length N variable compact int The following fields are repeated N times
time 0 4 bytes unsigned int(LE) last known alive time
services 0 8 bytes unsigned int(LE) bit field the services this node supports
IP address 0 16 bytes bytes connect using this IP address
port 0 2 bytes unsigned integer(BE) connect using this IP port
time N, etc

services is a bit field describing supported functionality, that is also used in the version message. See services field for bit definitions.

time is a 4 byte unsigned little-endian integer denoting the last time in epoch seconds that this node was known to be “live”.

IP address is the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the prospective node.

port is the IP port of the prospective node, serialized as an unsigned 2 byte big-endian value.